The Antarctic Treaty Meeting of Experts (ATME) on climate change and implications for Antarctic management and governance will be held in Svolvær, Norway from 6 – 9 April 2010.

The Terms of Reference for the meeting were adopted at ATCM XXXII (Baltimore, 6-17 April 2009) through Decision 1 (2009).

During the meeting the following issues will be discussed:

  1. Key scientific aspects of climate change 
  2. Key consequences of such change to the Antarctic marine and terrestrial environment
  3. Implication of such consequences to management of Antarctic activities
  4. The need for monitoring, scenario planning and risk assessment
  5. Outcomes of the Copenhagen negotiations relevant for the Antarctic
  6. The need for further consideration of any of the above issues and manners in which this can be achieved

See the provisional program and draft annotated agenda for further information.


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