About South Pole 1911-2011

South Pole 1911-2011 is an informational outreach project run by the Norwegian Polar Institute during the Nansen-Amundsen Year 2011.

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge and Troms Kraft are the expedition’s main sponsors. Through their contributions, these two northern Norwegian companies wish to support the Norwegian Polar Institute in its efforts to disseminate knowledge and research results about polar regions.

The objective of the Centenary Expedition is to showcase important aspects of Norwegian polar history, simultaneously directing a spotlight at the climatic and environmental challenges we currently face.

Young people are an important target group for the Nansen-Amundsen Year 2011. The Centenary Expedition aims to inform a broad public and will therefore make use of an array of different communication channels before, during and after the expedition. The expedition team members want to use their trek to reach out through television screens, the Internet and books, sharing their experiences and spreading knowledge about the polar regions. TV2 plans to produce a documentary after the expedition, and will follow the team by satellite telephone throughout the 57-day ski trip. The expedition team will also communicate with the public every day by way of this website. After the trek, adventurer Stein P. Aasheim intends to write a book about the expedition.