Tuesday 24 October [Actually October 23]

Pure mess during the night. N’ly wind and snow.

Eased enough during the morning so that we could get out in reasonably respectable weather and hack up meat for the dogs. They are having a good time now. As much fresh meat as they can eat. And then they can sleep to their heart’s content. Now we have four dogs fewer than when we set out. These four were let loose on the way, because they could not keep up, presumably overfed. Consequently we now have 48 dogs left, or four teams of 12 each.

We are having a splendid time in our tent. We stumbled on the brilliant idea of sewing an outer tent out of our 10 bunk curtains. This improvised outer tent proved excellent, in that it reduces the heat from the sun to a great extent, and holds the warmth inside. It is hugely different from the first trip. Now we always lie in loose bedclothes, warm and comfortable. Another great advantage is that it is always dark inside the tent – and that is desirable when one has been in the glare of the snow all day – Wind dropped during the day. Have spent p.m. packing the sledges and rebuilding the depot.

Thus we are quite ready. The dogs are enjoying life.

This transcript comes from “Race for the South Pole - The Expedition Diaries of Scott and Amundsen” by Roland Huntford. It appears by courtesy of the author and The Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.