Who’ll find the fiver?

There’s no denying that it’s frustrating to sit here day after day. We can see how Amundsen’s red circles light up on his southward course on our home page. We count the days and discuss whether we will be able to catch up with him. But we also talk about the UB-fiver, and Jan-Gunnar has already announced that he will trade his dinners for an extra breakfast.
Stein og Vegard with a specially made lunch bar from United BakeriesStein and Vegard have great faith in our specially made lunch bars from United Bakeries. They taste good and provide a lot of sustenance. Photo: Harald Dag Jølle / Norwegian Polar Institute

The breakfast we will eat on our trip is composed of 130 grams of Axa Energy Muesli, 30 grams of bran, 30 grams of infant formula and 25 grams of butter. Rinsed down with a cup of hot chocolate that gives us 1060 vital kilocalories. Remy Goulignac, head of United Bakeries, who is a sports enthusiast and very fit himself, helped us vacuum pack 276 of these mixes. They were delivered to Vegard’s door the Friday before our departure with the following intriguing message: “One of the packages contains a five crown coin. The finder and his family win a long weekend in Paris on his return, including several visits to restaurants and family adventures.” We will get back with a more detailed report about the struggle for the right breakfast package.

Remy is also the man behind an important part of our lunch. He has baked a compact lunch bar packed with energy and consisting of various types of grain, almond slices, honey, raisins and cranberries. Not only does it taste great, but two 100-gram bars provide us with 1000 kilocalories. Along with 190 grams Nøtti Frutti (nuts and dried fruit) from Den Lille Nøttefabrikken, a thermos of Ekström’s blueberry soup, and a roll of Smil or Freias milk chocolate, it totals nearly 3000 kilocalories. We hope it will give us the strength to handle our 10-hour skiing stints every day.

Our dinner is Real brand freeze-dried camping food with extra butter and meat. A Rett i koppen brand instant soup will serve as the starter while we compose our daily blog post, with yet another Melkerull chocolate and a little cup of Nescafé. If we should happen to capture extra brilliant ideas in words when we reach our depots, it may be because we – like Amundsen – have stashed away a little aquavit to warm us up.

All in all, the food weighs 1.2 kg per day per person, and provides each of us with 6000 kilocalories.