A thousand kilometres to go

Darling body, please be nice,
And carry me across the ice.
Stein P. AasheimA slightly worn out polar traveller keeping his fingers crossed that his body will stay the course. Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute Darling body, please be nice,
Come with me across the ice.

We still have a thousand kilometres to go,
And this I promise: Next time I’ll say “No!”

With goodies and gravy I stuffed you myself,
But this isn’t Heaven, it’s the Ross Ice Shelf!

Your tendons are swollen, your knees both in pain
But darling sweet body, please do not complain.

And I will reward all your work in the snow
With chips and jacuzzis and wine from Bordeaux

I vow I will take you to Costa del Sol,
But first a small detour past the South Pole.

I know what you’re thinking, I know what you’ll say
But I’ve looked at the map and there’s only one way...

So please, dear old body, I beg and implore,
All I ask is kilometres. One thousand more.

Stein P.
(Translated by Janet Holmén)
Position: S 81 47.056, W 166 50.024
Temperature: -25°C
Wind: 2 m/s from south-southeast
Distance traversed: 34 km
Distance behind Amundsen: 214 km