Relevant Background Papers

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ATCM documents

ATCM XXII (Baltimore, USA)

  • ATCM XXXII WP 38 (United Kingdom): Climate change and the Antarctic environment: Management implications
  • ATCM XXXII IP 5 (SCAR): SCAR’s Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment (ACCE) review report
  • ATCM XXXII IP 35 (ASOC): Policy implications arising from SCAR’s report: Antarctic climate change and the environment

ATCM XXXI (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • ATCM XXXI WP 35 (Norway/United Kingdom): Antarctic Climate Change Issues
  • ATCM XXXI IP 47 (Russia): Variability of Antarctic Climate
  • ATCM XXXI IP 50 (United Kingdom): Antarctic Peninsula: rapid warming in a pristine environment
  • ATCM XXXI IP 51 (United Kingdom): Antarctic Peninsula: Ice shelf status
  • ATCM XXXI IP 56 (ASOC): Impacts of Climate Change on Antarctic Ecosystems
  • ATCM XXXI IP 62 (SCAR): Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment: A Progress Report

 ATCM XXX (New Dehli, India)

  • ATCM XXX WP 28 (Norway): Climate Changes
  • ATCM XXX IP 5 (SCAR): State of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Climate System (SASOCS)
  • ATCM XXX IP 82 (ASOC): The Antarctic and Climate Change
  • ATCM XXX IP 124 (SCAR): SCAR Lecture. "Climate Change and the Antarctic: What Next?" (Attachment)
  • ATCM XXX IP 138 (UK): Antarctica and climate change – implications for governance

ATCM XXIX (Edinburgh, UK)

  • ATCM XXIX IP 47 (New Zealand): Conference on Climate Change and Governance, Wellington, March 2006 (Speakers abstracts)
  • ATCM XXIX IP 62 (ASOC): The Antarctic and Climate Change
  • ATCM XXIX IP 76 (SCAR): Climate Change: an Antarctic Perspective
  • ATCM XXIX IP 89 (SCAR): Plans for an Antarctic Climate Assessment – Trends and Impacts

Observed and Expected Climate Change in Antarctica

Consequences of climate change on the Antarctic Environment

Implication of Climate Change on Antarctic management