Travel to Svolvær

By air

Directly to Svolvær

Svolvær has a small airport, and there are regular flights in and out of the town. The most obvious route is flying Oslo-Bodø-Svolvær (please check with your travel agency for further flight information). Our Confernece Company will also be able to help you should you require such assistance.


Via Evenes

The second (and probably more available) flight option is to fly to Evenes airport (between Harstad and Narvik), a 3 hour drive from Svolvær. Bus transport from the airport to/and from Svolvær will be provided in connection with the most popular flights. Those traveling through Evenens airport is therefore requested to send a note to as soon as possible with information on arrival and departure time. More information on bus transport will follow.

Other options

By boat from Bodø

If you have a bit of time available one option is to fly into the city of Bodø and then continue with the Hurtigrute (Coastal Express) from there. The Coastal Express leaves Bodø on a daily basis (with few exceptions) at 15.00 pm, arriving Svolvær at 21:00 pm. Likewise, the Coastal Express leaves Svolvær every day (with few exceptions) at 20:00 pm, arriving Bodø at 02:00 am.


By boat from Trondheim

If you plan to combine the trip with some sightseeing in Norway a good option is flying into Bergen or Trondheim and then continue with the Coastal Express from there. The trip between Bergen and Svolvær takes 3 days/nights, between Trondheim and Svolvær 2 days/nights.