«Maud» is being brought back to Norway

Picture of the skip Maud with crewThe Maud Expedition 1918-1925. Group photo: the crew on Maud in Seattle, June 1922.  Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute

The wreck of Roald Amundsen's ship «Maud» is beeing brought back to Norway from the seabed in Cambridge Bay in the Northwest Passage in Canada where it has been located for the past 80 years. The wood has not rotted away due to the cold water and the remains of hull is partially intact.

Boatbuilder Chr. Jensen in Vollen built "Maud" in 1917. The small town near Oslo has a long tradition of boat building. Th elocal company Tandberg Eiendom will finance the homecoming of «Maud».  Jan Wanggaard from Asker is engaged as project manager and will lead the rescue expedition.

If everything goes according to the plan, the ship will be back in Vollen next summer.The plan then is to build a Maud museum.